How to unlock selection in word

Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor in the world. Despite its popularity, one of the problems some people have is that the keyboard sometimes stops working. Although this problem is very easy to solve, most people hesitate to do so because it involves an expense.

Step 1

Click on the Microsoft Word icon to start the program. Pay particular attention to any windows that may pop up that say something like: “Trial version” or “Read only”.

Step 2

Open a new document by selecting “Ctrl + N”. Try to write something on the page; If you can’t, look at the top of the Word screen again to see if it says something like: “Read only.”

Step 3

Go to the “File” menu at the top of the page and try selecting “Save As.” If this option is not available, the version of Microsoft Word that you have on your computer has most likely expired.

Step 4

Try to remember how Microsoft Word was installed on your computer. If it was installed with a disc that you received when you bought the computer, there is a good chance that the disc is simply a trial version that only works for 30 to 60 days. After the trial period ends, the keyboard still works fine, but Microsoft Word is programmed not to process any information from the keyboard.

Step 5

Go to the Microsoft website and install the full version of Microsoft Word. This is not a free download. The least expensive, Microsoft Office Suite, is priced above $100.

Step 6

Go to the store and buy an installation disc. Use the disc to install a new version of Word. After the non-trial version is installed, you will see that you can type in Word again and that the keyboard has been unlocked. 

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