How To Write Subscript in Google Docs

There are 2 simple way to write subscripts or super superscripts in google docs. For example if you want to write like this H₂O. For this you have to write as follows. So let’s start the writing process;

By using Google docs Tools

  1. Write H2O in simple writing way.
  2. Then Select the 2 (which is going to be subscript)
  3. Go to Toolbar and click FORMAT
  4. Then click on TEXT and then Superscripts or Subscripts.

That H2O will become like this;

By Using Combination Key
  1. In H2O select the 2 (that will be the subscript).

  2. Then press the CTRL with key

To remove the subscript, you just have to select the subscript element and press the CTRL with key.

Note: For Superscript same process will be followed but you have to select Superscript instead of Subscript.

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