Subscripts in Google Docs

Method 1

  • Write the element that will be the base and the element that will be the subscript together.
  • Select the element that will be the subscript.
  • Go to the Format tab.
  • Select Text and click Subscript.
Method 2

Another way to apply Subscript

  • Select the element that will be the subscript.
  • Then press the CTRL with key

To remove the subscript

  • To remove the subscript, you just have to select the subscript element and press the CTRL with key



We have three types of styles available: B bold, I italic, and OR underline. To apply them, just click on the corresponding button.

The letter of the button corresponds to the English names (bold, italic and underline).

To remove a style, click on the icon again.

You can also apply multiple styles at once, for example bold and italic Bold and italic.Simply apply the styles consecutively.

Another way to change styles is by using the keyboard. This can be very convenient if you tend to change as you type. 

Press the keys
Bold font
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I
Ctrl + U

These are the three most common styles, but we have other less used styles that appear in the Format menu.

Cross out, Superscript and Subscript.

These styles are used in the same way as the previous ones, being able to put several at a time.

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