Exponent In Google Docs

With Google Docs we can insert equations and mathematical symbols in a simple way. These symbols that must be installed separately in Microsoft Word are accessible directly in the insert menu.

To use the equation editor, open a Google Docs document. In the document, select the Insert menu and select EquationThis opens the equation editor.

At the top we have some dropdowns to select the characters and symbols to create the equations. Greek letters, a wide range of mathematical symbols and operators, arrows, brackets and letters cover all the needs for math or physics and chemistry classes.

If you select a square root symbol, for example, Google Docs inserts the equation of the square root formula into your document. The default variables in the square root equation can be changed in the editor.

Edit and delete an equation

Once we have inserted the equation, it appears in the document as an image. To edit or delete it, you just have to click on it with the mouse to select it and the labels to edit or delete appear. As it is an image, we can also pull the corners to increase or reduce its size. The document can be exported to other formats such as Word or Open Office but the equation cannot be edited outside of Google Docs.

I personally believe the equation editor is very useful for students and teachers to share and collaborate in Class 2.0

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