How To Add a Superscript in Word


The universal way to add the Superscripts and Subscripts in Word is using Word Home Toolbar;

  • First of all write the base and superscripts elements together then select the element which you want to be superscript.
  • Go to Home Toolbar
  • Then Select the options superscripts or subscripts.

Another way to add superscript and subscript is through Combination Key. To put a superscript in Word, the first thing we have to do is write the word in the normal way. Then select with mouse the character that you want to put as superscript, and then press the combination of keys ” Ctrl and + Key “.

After we have learned how to superscript in Word, we move on to see how to subscript it, a process that is just as simple.

This time we also have to write the word in a normal way as we have done before. After that, select the character you want to subscript with the mouse, and then press the key combination ” CTRL, Shift and 0 “.

That is how easy it is to put a superscript or subscript in Word, We hope the tutorial was helpful. Write in the comment if any question in your mind related to this.

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