How To Add Subscript in Word

We can add Subscripts using 4 ways in Word:

  • Automatic formatting 
  • Ribbon buttons
  • Font dialog box
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
Here we are going to describe most commonly used command to add Subscripts in Word. 


One way

Most common way to add Subscripts in word via using Home Tab as follows:

Another Way

To add a subscript in Word, the first thing we have to do is write the word in the normal way, as if we were not going to add Subscripts. Once you have finished writing it, select with your mouse the character that you want to put as Subscripts, and then press the combination of keys (Control and + =).

To add Superscripts use the same process as described above and at the end select the combination of keys (Ctrl + Shift + +).

That is how easy it is to put a superscript or subscript in Word, we hope you find it very useful. 

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