How to Create album in facebook

The social network Facebook is considered not only the most popular in the world, but also the most difficult to use. On our site of questions and answers on Facebook, many of the readers were interested in the question: how to create and correctly configure a photo album on your page

Create a photo album 

Go to the main page of your profile and go to the “Photos” section: 

On the page that opens, in the menu for managing the “Photos” section, there is a button by clicking on which you will go to create a personal photo album on your page: 

The system will immediately ask you to upload several photos for which the album is being created. After the photos have been selected and uploaded, proceed to entering information about the created album. 

At the very top, enter a name for it, enter a small description for this album in a special field and select the place where the uploaded photos were taken (optional). 

Basic settings for individual photos 

  1. It is possible to highlight individual people in photographs. To do this, you just need to select a field, circle a person with it (basically, the system itself detects persons for publication) and select it from your friends list; 
  2. Immediately after the photos have been uploaded, under each you can leave a comment that describes everything that is captured in the image; 
  3. Set the date when the selected photo was taken; 
  4. Setting the location at the time of shooting. 

Setting up the created album 

After the album has been created and the photos are loaded into it, go to the album settings. 

The screenshot shows that it is possible to add other photos, select their quality, cancel the download and set privacy for the created photo album. Let’s consider each item separately: 

  1. Add more photos – if you missed any photo, you have the opportunity to add it to your album; 
  2. High quality – if you have a checkmark, the system will upload even those photos that are heavy and of good quality. If your internet speed is slow, we recommend that you disable this function. 
  3. Cancel upload – if you have set some photo to be uploaded but later realized that you don’t need it or it takes too long to upload, the Cancel button is for you. 
  4. “Available to all …” – using this menu, you can configure the publicity of the created album: 

  • Available to everyone – all users of the social network Facebook will be able to view all uploaded images. 
  • Friends are only for people who are friends with you. 
  • Only me – except for you, no one will be able to view the uploaded photos to this album. 
  • User settings – here you can set access to your publications only for specific people: 

Next, from the list of our friends, we select those to whom the new album will be available. 

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