How To Rotate Text in Excel

Recently I had a chance to form a table in Excel with many columns, which were supposed to fit on a A4 sheet of portrait orientation.

To make the table header readable, the text in the header had to be placed (rotated) vertically, at 90 degrees to the horizon.

It is not difficult to do this, but some users may have the following questions: “How do I place vertical text in cells?” or “How to write text at an angle in an Excel cell?”

Suppose we need to make a table with a large amount of columns, while the sheet size is limited.

As a rule, for more convenient reading of the table header, the inscriptions in it are turned over 90 degrees and set vertically.

In order to perform the specified action, select the header and, holding the cursor over the selected field, open the menu with the right mouse button and select “Format cells”.

In the “Alignment” tab, set the orientation of the text to 90 degrees.

And we get the result.

The second way to rotate the label:

You can rotate text using the button on the Quick Access Toolbar in the Alignment section.

This button can position the text not only vertically and at an angle of 45 degrees, but also converts the text to vertical when the letters are located perpendicular to the bottom of the sheet, but are located from top to bottom. 

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