How to Type Subscript in Word

Below are the step by step to make the Subscripts in Word.

Automatic Formats

We already seen this in Word while typing the sentences. To use this format we have to do the setting before in Word. This format helps to write 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th automatically. For this you have to use Auto Correct option in Word.

Ribbon Formats
  1. Select the element in which you to want to add Subscripts.
  2. Go to Home Tab and then Font selection area.
  3. Select the Subscripts or Superscripts from there.

Font Dialog Box
  1. Select the elements which is going to be used for Subscripts.
  2. Go to Home Tab then Font.
  3. Right below corner click on Arrow.
  4. Click on the Subscripts in Effect column.

Keyboard Shortcuts
  1. Select the elements which are going to use as Subscripts.
  2. Then use Key Combination of Ctrl + = (For Subscripts) 
Note: Same process will apply to type Superscripts in Word. However Keyboard shortcuts will (Ctrl + Shift ++).

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