How To Type Subscript on Mac

Subscripts is a small in size of the folded number or alphabet. Example: O₂. In this post we will learn how to type subscript in Google Docs. Let’s strat step by step description on it.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Subscript for  +, (For Mac)
  2. Superscript for  +. (For Mac)
  3. Subscript for CTRL +,  (For Windows)
  4. Superscript for CTRL +.  (For Windows)
Insert Option

Select the element for subscript then go to the Insert and select the Special Character from drop down menu.

Then type Subscript in search bar to see the available characters of particular type. To use the character, just click on it and it will be added in the document.

Format Option

Do the same process as above mentioned for selection of the element then find Format and select the Text form drop down menu then click on Subscript.

You have successfully applied Subscript. If you want to use Superscript option then follow the same steps but use CTRL +. to use key combination.

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