How To Write Subscript

Subscript in Word

Method No.1

To subscript Word, type the word in the usual way. For example H2O. Highlight the character or characters you want to change, and press CTRL, Shift, and 0. It is the zero on the standard keyboard, not the numeric one. It will look like this:

Depending on the version of Word you have, if the first option doesn’t work, try CTRL and =. If you still don’t get it, then we explain the definitive method.

Access from menus

Method No. 2

Write the word that contains the subscript or superscript in the standard way, and highlight the letter you want to change. In old versions of Word go to the Format menu , and go to Font. In modern ones, look for the tool ribbon, go to the HomeFormat and Font tab.

Subscript in Google Docs


1. Place the cursor and click Insert and Special Characters

First, find the part of the document where you want to insert subscripted special characters. Place the cursor and find the Insert button in the toolbar. Next, a drop-down menu will appear. Select Special Characters.

Special role

2. Enter Subscript and select a Special Character

After selecting Special Characters, a pop-up image will appear on the screen. Use the search box in the upper left corner and enter SubscriptAfter you find the character that meets your needs, click the icon. The subscript character will be inserted at the cursor position.

That is how easy it is to put subscript in Word and google docs, If you want to learn how to apply Superscript in please visit on

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