How to bold in WhatsApp

The messaging application is one of the most used apps in the world every day. And for that reason any trick is welcomed with open arms by millions of people around the world who use it on a daily basis. Today we focus on a different way of writing in WhatsApp, thanks to which we can send texts in italics, bold or strikethrough. At a time when spelling rules are not very popular in messages from social networks and messaging apps, we want you to remember how the text we send within the app can be given a richer format.

So you can format the text you send on WhatsApp

Normally in text editors we can find different options to give a richer format to the text and express different things just by sending the text in a different way than usual, being more exquisite when writing it, and also transmitting that feeling to the people with whom we chat, and who can see in us a person who cares about language also on WhatsApp thanks to this way of writing the text in the app.

So we can write in each of the formats

In WhatsApp we can format text in three different ways for a long time, although many of us have forgotten how to do it, or we have never even known how to do it. In the app you can send the text in three different types of text format, which are the following:

Bold text: * Bold text *

Italic text: _ Italic text_

Strikethrough text: ~ Strikethrough text ~

As you can see, the way to write the text so that it appears with this format is quite simple. And it is enough to write all the text inside the signs that you can see above. When writing bold, we need to write the text that we want to highlight between two asterisks. While in the case of italics, we must do the same between two underscores. In the case of wanting to cross out the text, we must write the text to cross out with the symbol that you can see above.

In this way we can give a richer format to the text that we write in WhatsApp, simply by adding new symbols to the text, without neglecting the keyboard, and keeping the focus on the conversation.

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