How to delete status in WhatsApp

Today let’s talk about statuses in WhatsApp, or rather, how to add or remove them. There is absolutely nothing complicated in this, but you should know that there are two types of statuses in the messenger – text and photo / video. In our case, they are seriously different.However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves – let’s talk about everything in order.

Adding and changing status

Let’s add a status and start with text statuses – they are reflected, for example, in the contact list of WhatsApp users.

To change or add a new text status, open the menu and click “Settings“.

Next, click on your avatar.

Tap on the line “Information and phone number“.

Then click on the pencil icon.

Specify the new text status and click OKAs you can see, the number of characters in the status is limited.

The status has been updated and will be reflected in those people who have you in contacts.

In addition, WhatsApp offers to add photos, videos and even text to the status (although in reality this is not really text, but an image of the text you typed), which can be viewed by other subscribers by going to your profile. However, remember that they are all removed 24 hours after adding. This is what the Status tab is for.

To add a photo or video to the status, click on the camera icon.

Record a video or take a photo.

Add a signature if necessary and click Submit.

Status added. We have this photo image, when you click on it, the status is displayed only for a certain amount of time.

Please note that you can add several photos, when you click on the status, they will be shown in turn.

To add a text status that will be deleted after 24 hours, click on the pencil icon here.

Write a text status, click “Send“.

As you can see, the status has been added.

How do I delete a status?

You cannot completely remove the text status; in any case, you will have to write something to replace the deleted characters. You already know how to do this from the first part of this article.

But you can delete photo / video statuses. Click on the three dots next to the status.

Select the status to delete by tapping and holding for a couple of seconds until a checkmark appears next to it. Then click on the trash can icon.

You can delete several statuses at once by selecting them all.

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