How to do subscript in google docs

It is a Google application very similar to Word, which allows you to create, store and share text documents online and in which you can work simultaneously and in real time among several users. It includes a combination of integrated services such as chat and email, to increase interaction and communication between users. To use this application you need to have a Gmail email account.

What possibilities does it offer to work on academic content?

The possibilities it offers are that several people can be editing a document at the same time. This is very useful if a group of students have to do school work and cannot get together.

What tools does it provide to work collaboratively online?

The tool it provides is that several users can edit the same document at the same time online, and it also has automatic saving (all changes will be saved as soon as they are made).

Outstanding features 

  1. Automatic saving.
  2. Optional documents without internet connection.
  3. Real-time document updates.

To investigate and expand 

  1. Use of integrated chat.
  2. Include more fonts.
  3. Multi-format integration.

How to use Google Docs?

The first thing to keep in mind to use Google Docs is that the phone or tablet must be Android, and it must be linked to a Gmail account, because otherwise the documents will not be stored.

How to create a Gmail account:

If we do not have a Gmail account, we have to go to the account creation page (, follow the steps that will appear on the screen to create and configure our account, and then we must use the account that we created to access Gmail, and from there, access Drive, where we can create documents.

How to open the app:

After verifying that we have a gmail account, we must install the google docs application from the play store (it is pre-installed on some smartphones), or open the application from the browser from the official google docs page ( .com / intl / es_AR / docs / about / ), select go to google documents. If we do not know how to do any of these things or how to use the application we can resort to the help of google ( ).

From the website we can go to Google documents 

How to create documents:

To start using the application, we must touch the + icon, and there it will give us the option to create a blank document or create a Word file.

Once we open a document from our cell phone, we must first write the text we want, then we select it, and we can put it in bold, italic or underlined. Then we can change the color of the text at will, put it in justified, centered or to one side and the other; and insert items.

From the + sign we can create a document 

How to put the text in different formats 

Then, in the A icon, at the top of the document, we can put the text in underline or add subscript or superscript. We can also change the style of the text (such as title, subtitle, etc.), the font (in this case there are not many, but several of the most important ones are included, such as Arial), the size and color of the text or the underline . Then, from the same icon, there is the paragraph option, where we can edit its format (line spacing, items, text distribution, etc.)

In the + icon, at the top of the text, we can insert links, comments, tables, images, horizontal line, page break, page number or a footnote. From the comments icon, you can view the text comments.

How to share a file:

  1. From the documents application, we view the document that we want to share.
  2. We select the icon with the three dots (to the right of the document title) and then we touch share.
  3. In people, we write the email of the person or people to whom we want to share the document. This person will receive an email with our invitation to edit, view or comment on the document.
  4. In the pencil icon, we select the permission that we want to grant the person (they can see, they can edit or they can comment).

If we don’t have the person’s email, at the bottom of the screen (in sharing) we can activate link sharing. This will allow people who have the link to enter the document. In sharing, we can activate it from the padlock icon, and then touching on “link sharing”, and then we grant the permissions. Another way to activate it is, in the beginning, by touching the three dots that are to the right of the title. There, we simply touch “link sharing” and it will be activated.

To share a document in Word, PDF, OpenDocument, plain text, rich text format, web page or EPUB file, we must select the three points to the right of the document name and click on “send a copy”. There it will give us a choice between the aforementioned formats, and once we select it, we will accept. Then, it will give us the option to share it by WhatsApp, Gmail, Bluetooth or messages or save the document in Drive. Then we choose the person or contact that we want to deliver and we send it.

How to access documents shared with me:

After opening the docs application, we must go to the three lines in the upper left part of the screen. There, we must touch the “Shared with me” icon, and we can see the documents that other people shared with us.

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