How to get bold letters in WhatsApp

How to change the font in Watsap if you want to emphasize information or to amuse the interlocutor? The messenger has built-in features that not everyone is familiar with! If you haven’t found the tricks of the application yet, it’s time to study the review and try them in practice.

Crossed out

Strikethrough text in Watsap allows you to point to a word or phrase that has a special meaning. Do you want to focus on the result that did not meet your expectations? Then cross out the message – it’s done like this:

  • Write the desired words;
  • Place ~ text ~ on both sides.

An example is: “Of course he is a terrible good person.” 

We discussed in detail how to make strikethrough text in Watsap, but the possibilities are not limited to this – let’s move on to the next format!


It’s time to talk about how to write in italics in WhatsApp – users have such an opportunity. Do you like graceful design of thoughts? Then this option is for you! Everyone knows what an italic font looks like, so enough theory – let’s move on to practice:

  • Enter the information you want to share;
  • Place underscores _text_ on both sides.

Here’s a quick example: “This subject is just incredibly fun.” 

We discussed how to make italics in Watsap – if you want something more meaningful, skip to the next part of the article and start changing the text.


If you want to emphasize the meaning of your words or emphasize the importance of certain points, you need to learn how to write in bold in WhatsApp! Now every user has such an opportunity – let’s change common phrases to others together:

  • Write any word;
  • Select it on both sides with * text *.

For example: “This task needs to be completed urgently .” This is how bold type is produced in WhatsApp. 

But that’s not all! Next in line is the last built-in version of the WhatsApp messenger, which can be changed.


Otherwise, this way of writing words is called disproportionate or the developer’s font. Its peculiarity is that all the size areas of signs have the same width, the letters turn out to be even, a number of characters are clean, not overloaded.

If you don’t want to change normal to italic or bold in Watsap, use the monospace printing method!

  • Enter a phrase or word;
  • Place three characters (upper apostrophes) on both sides “` text “`!

It will look like “Monospace font is cool.” 

Notice that you have to manually change the text in WhatsApp? Information must be highlighted with special signs to achieve the desired result. Below you will find an accelerated method available to everyone!

iPhone and Android settings

You can make the text bold or apply other changes with a simple keystroke. Too lazy to enter characters in Watsap on both sides of the text to change it? Then take advantage of the alternative options!

If you use Android, you can change the font in WhatsApp like this:

  • Open the messenger and go to chats;
  • Find the required dialog and place the cursor in the text field;
  • Enter the words you want;
  • Press and hold the text until the menu appears;
  • Click on the three dots and select the option you want from the list.
  If you have an iPhone, the algorithm of actions will change somewhat – you must do the following:
  • Enter the messenger and start the desired dialogue;
  • Start typing words;
  • Hold the cursor for a few seconds until the menu appears;
  • Choose “Select” or “Select All” to select a word or text entirely;
  • A small menu will appear above the phrases;
  • Click on the button in the form of an arrow pointing to the right;
  • Find the icon with the name “BIU” ;
  • Choose the appropriate option – for example, you can cross out a word in WhatsApp.

We talked about the available style – as you can see, users can choose one of several design options and change them. Messages will now look completely different!

Change the size

Above, we covered how to make WhatsApp bold or strikethrough. Don’t stop there, let’s start changing the text size in the messenger:

  • Open the app;
  • Click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner;
  • Go to settings;
  • Look for the “Chats” section;
  • Find the “Font Size” button;
  • Choose the value you want – small, medium or large. 

Note! The option is available only on smartphones running the Android operating system.

Finally, we note other possibilities – you can download special applications from the software store:

  • Text Art lets you change colors – no more black;
  • Upside Down allows you to mirror your writing.

Both programs are available for download at Google Play Market and Ep Store. You just need to copy and paste the result.

We’ve discussed in detail how to change the font in WhatsApp – play around with the available font settings to spice up your everyday communication! The developers have provided a lot of options to stand out and send an original message.

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