How to hide number in WhatsApp

The numerous capabilities of the WhatsApp application, although at first they seem not so useful, but they still provide the user with a variety of interesting functions, from the ability to write and send files, to complete control of personal data. It is not surprising that every day there are more and more questions regarding the use of different functions of the program.

We try to consider each direction and offer the most effective solution. For example, today we will try to figure out how to hide your number in Watsap. It is quite possible to do this, you just need to use our prepared instructions, which will surely help you.

How to hide your number in Watsap

Reason for hiding the number

But before we talk about how to hide the WhatsApp number, it is worth understanding the usefulness of such a function. In principle, for everyone, the questions of anonymity are much higher than anything else, and some users do not even understand why this is available. It only remains to note that each user has personal reasons that can become the main reason for such an action. You just have to take it for granted and use the function in case of urgent need.

Instructions for use

Can I hide my phone number in Wotsap? Yes, this can be done, it is enough just to perform a number of useful actions:

  1. Activate the messenger;
  2. Go to the “Settings” item;
  3. Further in the sub-item “Account” and select the section “Privacy”;
  4. This is where you can customize the visibility of your data and actively use this feature.

It should only be noted that such functionality has limited impact and offers much less variety of possibilities. For example, not all data will be hidden, and it is worth putting up with this, since it is almost impossible to get full anonymity in the WhatsApp messenger.

Now you have all the information you need and can safely use it. We are sure that someday it will be useful to you, but it’s enough just to remember about the available opportunities and just know that they can be used freely. It remains only to wish you a good mood and remember that the program hides deep potential in itself, you should not worry about the fact that something will be inaccessible in it. Our articles provide you with more information than you might imagine. Enjoy your use!

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