How to insert subscript in word

One of the site’s reader, often works with formulas in the Word editor. And from time to time he needs to enter characters in upper and lower indices (superscripts and subscripts), for example, for the formula for water – 2 O, or for numbers with superscript – 2He asks how you can do this quickly with keyboard shortcuts.


By default, in the editor (Word 2003) the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl>” + “=” is set for the subscript, and “Ctrl” + “+” for the top one.


There are two ways to apply superscript or subscript to characters: for text you are typing or for text you have already entered.

Before entering a character in the index you want, press the desired keyboard shortcut and then enter your character. Then press the same key combination again and the characters will be re-entered in normal format.

If the character to be converted to the desired index has already been entered, then select it and press the key combination you need. Return to normal character format by pressing the keyboard shortcut again.

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