How to know who viewed my WhatsApp status secretly

As you know, in WhatsApp, the user can add statuses, for example, in the form of photos or other images. We managed to talk about this in sufficient detailToday we will consider another, no less interesting question.It sounds like this: how to view the status in WhatsApp so that no one will notice you?

Launch WhatsApp.

If you click on the “Status” tab, you can see a list of the statuses of friends, of course, if they added them, for example:

Now we click on the friend’s status and watch.

What is reflected in the subscriber who added the status? He needs to click on the three dots next to the status to go to the information page.

Here you need to click on the eye-shaped icon, next to which the number of views is indicated.

The status will open, and below it will be indicated who viewed it.

So is there a way to hide this information? Alas, it does not officially exist (at the time of this writing). Of course, you can find programs like “How to go unnoticed while viewing your status in WhatsApp” on the Internet, however, as far as we know, they do not work. So if you want to watch the statuses of your friends, know that they will find out about it.

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