How to make bold letters in WhatsApp

The audience of the popular messenger WhatsApp has already exceeded 1 billion active users from around the world. Hundreds of millions of messages are sent via WhatsApp every day.

And in the messenger there is a non-obvious, but very relevant opportunity to format messages using several writing styles.

You won’t find any special settings to enable formatting. When entering text, just use the special characters.


When entering text, separate the word you want to highlight on both sides with an “asterisk” – “*” (without quotes).

After sending, the piece of text will become bold .

Italic text

It is possible to use slanted italic text .

The secret to using it is to separate words or phrases with a “bottom space” symbol – “_” (without quotes). Also separate the word on both sides with this sign and after sending you get italic style .

Strikethrough text

With strikethrough text, you can emphasize what “should have been,” but the result is completely different.

To use this style, it is enough to limit the text fragment with a “tilde” – “~” (without quotes).

Developer font

WhatsApp also has an additional FixedSys font , which developers traditionally use. It is also absent in the messenger settings and the inclusion of this style of writing is not obvious.

The text you plan to write таким шрифтомmust be enclosed in single back quotes ” ```” (without quotes). You can find them on the iOS keyboard as follows:

1. Tap the “123” key.

2. Press and hold the single quote (near the BackSpace key).

3. From the pop-up key menu that appears, select the leftmost quotation mark.

You need to specify three such quotes at the beginning of the text and three at the end. After sending, the message font will be strikingly different from the standard one. Optionally, you can add a combination of three quotes to iOS AutoCorrect Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.

In such a simple way, you can slightly diversify your WhatsApp correspondence by using hidden formatting and the FixedSys font.

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