How to rotate table in word

In everyday life, we often have to deal with non-standard document design – insert links, customize page layout, and how much we do with text. When you try to turn the text in the Word, your head is spinning. In order to start working in Word without panic, it is worth taking a little time and carefully studying the material. There are situations when you urgently need to rotate the text 90 degrees, but there is no time to read huge articles. Below will be given all kinds of ways to turn the word “upside down“, described in brief.

Word on the table vertically

When creating a report in a tabular form, where you should indicate a phone number or insurance number, it is very often necessary to change the direction of the text, making it vertically. The following steps will consistently lead to the desired result. So let’s start:

The option is allowed that you can not print the inscription, but immediately go to the next cell and click on “Direction …” select the alignment and write the word from top to bottom.

This variation of writing numbers and phrases vertically will be relevant for versions of Microsoft Word 2007, 2010.

If you need to flip a table in Word

In a text editor, it is not easy to turn the table 180 or 45 degrees, but it is possible to do it, thanks to the multifunctionality of Microsoft Word. Not everyone knows the “Caption” button for Word 2007, 2010 and the “Text box” for 2013 and 2016 Word, will be a salvation in such a situation. To turn the table over, take the following steps:

If you need to expand the text in cells, then use the tips at the beginning of this article.

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