How to send WhatsApp message to all contacts at a time without broadcast

WhatsApp continues to make improvements to its messaging service, this time with an update that allows its users to send the same messages to multiple recipientswithout creating a group chat.

The new tool is a broadcast list that groups and uses previously selected contacts to send messages repeatedly without having to select them each time.

How is the list created?

According to the instructions given by the messaging service , first open the application, on the screen select Chats> More options> New transmission. 

Touch the ‘+’ sign or write the names you need from the recipients, you must have them added to your contact list.

Finally press ‘Done’ and then ‘Create’.

If you want to edit it, you just have to enter your list, select ‘More options’> Transmission list information. 

Once there, look for what you want to do: to change the transmission name, touch the pencil icon, add contacts by touching ‘Add recipient’. Or if you want to remove, press the names, select ‘Remove from broadcast list’.

When you send a message to the broadcast list , it will be automatically sent to the recipients of the list and they will receive it as a normal message , that is, they will not know that they belong to the list or that more people have the same lines, image or other content.

Recipients will still respond in a normal way and that message will not reach the broadcast list , but will be personal.

WhatsApp highlights on its blog that this method of sending is “one to many”, so it will not be a group chat, if you need a communication of this type with your contacts, you must create a group.

Once the tool is used, you can delete it by pressing and holding the broadcast list in the chats menu, then choose ‘Delete broadcast list’ and confirm.

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