How to set password to pendrive

Protecting the documents on a pendrive is very simple. It will be enough to put a password so that only you can access the documentation that is in this USB memory. To do this, you can use BitLocker, a default program available in Windows 7 or higher operating systems. In this practicogram you will discover how to put a password on a pendrive.

1 Search for BitLocker

The first step to be able to put a password to the pendrive is to locate the encryption program. You should use the Windows search panel and select ‘Manage BitLocker’.

On the next screen you will see all the drives on your computer. You can select the one that interests you the most, in this case the USB memory drive. When you see the icon for the external drive, click on ‘Turn on BitLocker’.

2 Install BitLocker on the pendrive

The encryption process will automatically start, during which BitLocker will be installed on the USB. The process may take a few seconds, so it is important not to remove the pendrive early so as not to interrupt the installation of the program.

3 Choose a key

A new screen will then open where you can read a box that says ‘Use a password to unlock the unit’. Click there and enter the password twice.

Finally, click on ‘Next’ and start encrypting the password to permanently protect the pendrive.

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