How to type in bold in WhatsApp

Many users are wondering why use strikethrough text when exchanging messages on WhatsApp. Usually, this type of design is used in a situation where it is necessary to indicate that we exactly think, but for some reason cannot write it. Therefore, such a text is placed in strikethrough, so that the user can read it and understand what the author means. We can also come across strikethrough text as a crossed out alternative from the options available in the list. Crossed-out options in the list Also, such a design can be found quite often on various sites, but it is quite rare in messengers. This is often due to the fact that users do not know how to create such an effect. Therefore, let’s shed some light on this issue and analyze how you can get the crossed out text when texting in WhatsApp. 

How to make WhatsApp bold 

Let’s figure out how to write in bold on Whatsapp. Why would you need such an outline of words? Yes, for anything! For example, you can highlight words in the text that are especially important to you, or if you are angry, emphasize how much you are unhappy. In any case, it will be very useful. If your application is not updating, there are other options 🙂 

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat. 
  2. Type the message you want to send. 
  3. The application or part of it that you want to highlight using boldface, surrounded by dots (*) on both sides. After you send the text, it will become bold. After you make it bold in WhatsApp, the text in the unsent message will already change. 

Well, now you figured out how to write text in bold in Whatsapp – in fact, everything is very simple!

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