How to write bold in WhatsApp

Did you know that one of the WhatsApp updates has a new feature, namely the ability to use different fonts? For example, you can write in bold, strikethrough, or italic. Now let’s talk in more detail.

How to write in bold?

To do this, you need to highlight the phrase on both sides with asterisks – *. For example: * Hello *Please note that you do not have to use this font for the entire phrase, you can select only a single word or phrase with it. This applies to all subsequent fonts.

It is also worth noting that the font changes already in the line for entering text, which is very convenient.

How to write with strikethrough text?

Highlight text using the tilde character – ~

How do I write in italics?

To use italics, use an underscore (_) on either side of a phrase or word.

Font for developers

There is a FixedSys font that is traditionally used by developers. But if you want, you can use it if you enclose a word or phrase on both sides with three back quotes – an apostrophe (`)Here’s an example:


Now take a look at all kinds of fonts. Pay attention to the last phrase in which we only marked one word in bold.

Agree, it looks cool?

By the way, if you are not successful, try updating the application versionPerhaps it is so old that it simply does not support the specified functionality.

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