How to write in bold in WhatsApp

There is an extensive list of WhatsApp text tricksAnd we can’t wait any less when it comes to the most popular instant messaging app on the planet. In GizTab we talked about a lot of tricks in Whatsap p, but this time we have gathered a very comprehensive guide for this in 2020 with the most closely guarded secrets.

With this WhatsApp text tricks guide, you will learn how to color letters, change them to bold, even if you want to change the font. We’ll also tell you how to cross out text and italicize, if you are interested in knowing all this and more then read on.

Best WhatsApp Tricks for Text 

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The list of WhatsApp text tricks can be extensive, but we’ve reserved the best ones to introduce you to this guide:

Change font on WhatsApp

The first WhatsApp text trick is to change the font. It’s a very easy to use feature, it’s a headset that the app itself installed, and it’s FixedSys, just put the quote three times after the message you want to send.

You have to find an available open accent in the keyboard symbols menu and select an open accent three times and no spaces for it to work.

But if you feel that this typeface is limiting you too much, you can also try Stylish Text app available on Google Play and that it will give you access to 85 different fonts that you can use either in the app itself or in WhatsApp as you you will find an asterisk that, when clicked, will allow you to change the font style.

Colored texts

This is another one of the tricks that we love to use on WhatsApp at the time of writing and is the ability to change the color of the message letters. We know this is not feasible in the first place, so we have to use other options, for example, using external applications such as Stylish Text.

If with the previous trick you downloaded it, then you already have half the way finished, just press the floating button to select one of the letters, which, in addition to changing the font, you Allow to write in color like blue.

You can also use the states section and write some text, then you can save the image or take a screenshot and send it. Of course, this is not text, but an image, but you will still send your personalized message in color.

Write in bold, italic and cross out

We continue our list of WhatsApp text tricks with this option which is so popular in the messaging app.

In the case of bold type, you only need to put an asterisk at the beginning and at the end of the phrase you want to highlight, so when sending a message, stay in this format for the recipient of the text. Remember that both asterisks must go without spaces next to the phrase or word to work.

In the case of writing in italics, you must follow the same procedure as for writing in bold, but in this case the character used will be an underscore at the beginning and end of a word or phrase so that you can then send the message in this letter format.

Finally, if you want to cross out a phrase or a word, then you must use the virgulilla character, which is no more than ~ also at the beginning and at the end of the word, so your text will be sent with a strikethrough in the middle.

Thus, we showed you all the WhatsApp text tricks that you can use in this 2020 and thus personalize your messages more in this popular application.

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