Pendrive not showing data

Files and folders are no longer visible on the flash drive. At the same time, the place on it is taken.


Most often due to a virus that changes the file attribute to hidden and / or systemic. Also, the problem may be due to damage to the media.


Solution 1. Setting the display of hidden and system files

If after completing the 1st step, the hidden folders are not visible, you can use the program ” Far Manager “. To remove the “Hidden” attribute in this program, select a file or folder and press the key combination Ctrl + A – then uncheck the “System” and “Hidden” boxes.

  1. Configure the system to show hidden files. To do this, click “Start” – “Control Panel” – “Folder Options” (In Windows XP – “Folder Options”). On the “View” tab, uncheck “Hide protected system files (recommended)” and change the “Hidden files and folders” switch to the “Show hidden files, folders and drives” position.  Click “OK”;
  2. Go to the USB stick. The hidden files should now be visible. Right-click on them and select Properties. In the window that opens, uncheck the “Hidden” box and click “OK”;
  3. Restore Explorer view so that hidden files and folders are hidden again.

If the Hidden folder attribute is grayed out and not active, then the folder is defined as a system folder. Open a command prompt as administrator and enter the following command:

attrib C: Temp -S -H / S / D

* where  C: Temp must be replaced with the path to the folder in which the files are not visible; -S removes the system attribute; -H – removes hidden; / S – recursive query (for subfolders and files); / D – action for the folder.

Solution 2: Checking the media

We check the flash drive. To do this, open the command line – right-click on Start – Command Prompt (administrator) / Windows Powershell (administrator) . We introduce the following:

chkdsk F: / f

* where F is the letter for my media.

If the system finds errors on the media, it will fix them. The files should appear.

Read more on how to check your disk.

Solution 3. File recovery

It is possible that the files have been deleted from the media. This can happen through negligence, software bug, hardware problem, or virus.

Solution 4. Checking your computer and media for viruses

We check the computer and the flash drive itself for malicious content. To do this, it is best to use temporary healing utilities, While starting the computer in safe mode.

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