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Google Docs is wonderful because it allows us to create documents in the cloud in a comfortable way and the result is good, because we can customize our files a lot and leave them very beautiful and presentable. But, when preparing a document, you may wonder how to create an index in Google Docs, if so, then we will see how we approach this situation, because it is not as simple as it seems.

Insert index in Google Docs

To create an index in Google Docs, you must have everything in the same format. If you fulfill that, you will have your index created perfectly just by entering Insert> IndexIf you can’t find this option, you can see it in detail in the following image:

The result, if everything went well, should be something like the following. In our example, we have simply 5 sections, organized from 1 to 5:

What if it doesn’t appear like this? That something you are doing wrong – it has happened to us -, for this, you must check the following:

  1. Everything must be in the same formatIf for example your work has 5 sections, you must put the 5 titles throughout the document in the same format, for example “title 3”. To do this, you can easily copy the format using the “roller” icon that says copy formatTo paste the format, you just have to select the word and it will be applied automatically.

If the 5 titles that you want to appear in the index have the same format, they will come out well placed as we see in the previous example. If one does not work for you, check that the numbered list is correct, because it is a mistake that we all usually make. It is very common to start a numbered list, but then finish writing the numbers of the sections by hand, if we do this they will no longer be at the same height in the index. And therefore it will not work. 

Has it worked for you? Do you already know how to create an index in Google Docs? Leave us a comment if it didn’t work for you, and we’ll take care of helping you.

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