How to lock WhatsApp chat

If you have an iPhone mobile phone and you have WhatsApp installed, you have been able to block your chats and conversations with Touch ID or Face ID for a long timeBut in Android this function has not yet arrived natively to WhatsApp, although you can block WhatsApp chats with password in Android in a simple way and to protect it from prying eyes.

If you lend your mobile phone to someone, you may live in fear that they will access your conversations and read your private messages. If so, you can block access to WhatsApp with fingerprint even if you have an Android phone and it does not come as standard as on the iPhone. It is easy and safe.

Lock your WhatsApp chats

There are several options to protect your chats with a password. The first is that you bet on an application blocking application (worth the redundancy) so that no one can access without your permission. But you can also block secret or private conversations if you want them to be exactly the ones that nobody sees if your mobile falls into other hands.

To do this, we follow the advice of techngeek4u and with the Chat Lock For WhatsApp application you can block the chat you want on WhatsApp and nobody will be able to see it if they do not have your password for it. You can block only personal conversations and leave work free or only work or whatever you need at any time or depending on how you want someone to not see something personal and private. We will only see the name of the chat together with a closed padlock.

To block WhatsApp chats, download Chat Lock for WhatsApp from your mobile phone and accept the permissions. Once the application is on your smartphone, go to the “+” symbol and your WhatsApp application will open. Choose the chat you want to protect with a password, choose the password you want to use to protect it and you are good to go. You will have to type the password twice to make sure it is that. Once ready, you will have the WhatsApp chats protected and if someone tries to access, the lock will come out. 

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