How to delete tik tok video

Many users of the application are wondering: how to remove videos from Tik Tok. Some want to “clean up” their account, while others want to get rid of the video that did not justify the wishes of the creator. Regardless of the reason, the procedure takes place in a matter of minutes, just use the instructions below.

Step-by-step instructions for deleting videos in Tik Tok

How to delete videos from Tik Tok on your phone? It is extremely simple, just log into your account by following these steps:

  • Select the file you want to delete.
  • Then press on the playback.
  • Choose “three dots”.
  • Among the opened functions, click “delete”.
  • Then Confirm the delete option.

Videos can be deleted individually. However there are no functions of simultaneous material management in the application are available until now, that could be solved in the future by developers.

How to delete your clip in TikTok can also be clearly seen in the reviews of popular video. The implementation of actions does not depend on the brand of the device. It is identical for any mobile phones.

Step-by-step instructions for recovering a video

By destroying a video from the application, the creator completely erases it in the Tik Tok system. Recovery is impossible for a number of technical reasons. The creators did not bother introducing this feature, as it would constitute a copyright infringement.

How to recover deleted video in TikTok, available ways:

  • Re-upload the material, edit and open access for viewing.
  • Re-submit the completely deleted material by sending it to the system again.
  • On the phone, the video can be stored in the gallery, downloaded files folder, basket. If not, you will have to shoot it again.

Erasing a video from a draft

In Tik Tok, you can store a video without publishing it. The material acquires the status of a draft, visible only to the account owner. Its destruction is carried out in a standard way.

How to remove a video from a TikTok draft will take a step by step:

  • We go into your account using your username and password.
  • Find the video.
  • Click on the icon with three dots.
  • Select the delete button.
  • And then confirm.

In the confirmation window, two buttons are displayed: cancel and delete. Clicking first will stop the uninstall procedure, returning the material to the “Drafts” folder.

Why it was not possible to record a video in Tik Tok

If Tiktok failed to record a video, you should carefully analyze your actions. Most likely, the reason lies not in a system failure, but in its misuse. Let’s say a user might not have saved the video by inadvertently logging out. This situation can be corrected only by re-shooting the video material.

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